The 10 Best Dart Boards, Bristle or Electronic?

Throwing Darts

Who doesn’t love a game of darts? There’s nothing more fun than a friendly competitive game of darts with some friends. Unfortunately, this usually requires a trip to a seedy bar where the board is either in poor condition or surrounded by a few drunken patrons clamoring for their turn. To skip that headache, guys can get a dartboard of …

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Best Home Theater Style Popcorn Machines for the Man Cave

large-movie theater popcorn-machine

Creating a home theater involves much more than just a large projector screen and a pumping sound system. Every theater needs a snacking center. Rather than bringing snacks from the kitchen, give your space a bit of old-school flair with a kettle popcorn machine. While microwave popcorn is always an option, what’s better than a large bucket of fresh popcorn? …

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10 Cool Man Cave Ideas to Complete your Hangout

man cave ideas

Every guy needs a space to call their own. A fully stocked man cave can be the sanctuary a guy needs after a long day of work. With the right equipment, guys can turn their space into a place where friends can let loose and have fun. When it comes to filling your man cave, the options are limitless. Here …

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The Ultimate Man Cave Guide, Ideas, How to & Must-haves


Welcome to the Hix- Man Cave Guide, the ultimate resource for everything related to the thing almost all men desire, but only few manage to accomplish… a Man Cave. Whether it’s a big 7000 square foot basement or a cosy garage, you can find everything you need right here. This guide is carefully curated to provide you with the information you …

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5 Best Dehumidifiers for Basement and Cellar Spaces

Dehumidifier in basement

Whether you’re trying to keep the mold growth in your basement at bay or wanting to improve the air quality of your “man cave,” a dehumidifier is a must-have. Basements are known for having less-than-stellar air conditions. Without a little help, these underground dwellings can be damp, smelly, and just plain uncomfortable to be in. With more and more people …

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5 Best Indoor Hammocks for your Hangout

indoor hammock in living room

Hammocks are a staple of outdoor relaxation. Whether they’re hung between two sturdy trees or patio supports, these simple swaying beds let you enjoy the fresh breeze and warm sun. While they’re predominantly used in tropical locales, hammocks aren’t just limited to outdoor use. Indoor hammocks have all the same perks as outdoor models, plus the added benefits of indoor …

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7 Best Home Arcade Machines for The Man Cave

Home arcade video cabinets for the man cave

While only a handful of big-name consoles currently dominate the video game market, nothing is cooler than the arcade classics. Back before home entertainment systems and constant connectivity, guys had to head to their local arcade to get their game on. Not too long ago, these arcades were filled with attractive games and plenty of enthusiastic gamers. Massive game cabinets …

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Official Foosball Rules, Instructions and Guidelines

how to hit the ball

While foosball is commonly played in bars and man caves, it does come with its own set of rules and guidelines. The game is pretty simple and easy to follow. However, it’s this simplicity that can make a fun game turn into a chaotic free for all. To make things a bit more organized, there are a number of guidelines …

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Lens Color Guide (infographic) for Sports Sunglasses

lens tints

Ever wondered what the color of a lens can do for you in terms of improving your vision for a certain sports activity? Below you can find an easy overview of the most common sports played in the sun and how each lens color affect it’s aspects.   Embed this infographic on your site: <p style=”text-align:left;”><a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Lens Color …

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The 10 Dangers of Skiing and How to Avoid Them

skiing off a cliff

Skiing is a fun and thrilling sport for people of all ages. It allows people to slide through the snowy slopes at an exhilarating pace. Often viewed as an adrenaline sport, skiing has risen in popularity throughout the years. That being said, many newcomers and amateurs question the safety of the sport. While it may look dangerous, skiing is actually relatively …

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