How to Fix Scuffed Work Boots

Scuffed Work Boots that need to be cleaned

Whether you work in the construction industry or in a busy kitchen, your work boots are bound to get a few scratches and scuffs. Work sites are filled with rough surfaces that can damage the leather uppers of your boots. While your footwear is designed to take that damage to keep you safe, those scuff marks do take a toll …

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Steel Toe Sneakers: 5 Best Picks To Protect your Feet at Work

worling man wearing steel toe sneakers

For many professions, steel toe footwear is a mandatory part of the uniform. While most people associate protective footwear with the construction industry and hard labor, they’re also worn by warehouse workers, police officers, security guards, and any other worker who needs some protection from workplace hazards. Usually, the go-to item for protection is steel toe boots. Unfortunately, these boots …

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Construction Injuries within 18 specific Trades,.. (what are the odds?)

man injured

While advances in modern equipment and building techniques have made construction projects much safer than those of yesteryear, there are still a number of risks involved. Regardless of the specific occupation they’re in, construction workers put themselves at risk every day to provide us with the comfort, safety, and luxuries we’ve come accustomed to. Injuries are very common in the …

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