How to Quickly Dry Wet Work Boots … (over-night)

wet work boots drying outside

While work boots are designed to be put through the ringer, they need regular attention and upkeep to retain their protective qualities. This is especially important if you work in wet environments. Wet boots can lead to a host of issues if not properly dealt with. While many guys think that a quick air dry overnight will do the trick, …

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How to Break in New Leather Work Boots (fast & efficient)

breaking in leather work boots for a comfortable fit

Leather work boots are known for their durability and protection. They’re vital pieces of gear in a number of different industrial settings ranging from construction zones to warehouses. These heavy-duty books can last for many years with proper care and are a worthy investment. With that being said, work boots have to be broken in to be comfortable. Whether they’re …

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Best Work Boots … Buyers Guide for all Occupations

jump with protective footwear

If there’s one thing you can’t be without once you clock in, it’s a high-quality pair of work boots. They’re essential no matter what industry you’re in. The right pair of work boots will keep you safe from whatever the job throws at you and ensures that you stay comfortable the entire work day. With that being said, not all …

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How to Fix Scuffed Work Boots

Scuffed Work Boots that need to be cleaned

Whether you work in the construction industry or in a busy kitchen, your work boots are bound to get a few scratches and scuffs. Work sites are filled with rough surfaces that can damage the leather uppers of your boots. While your footwear is designed to take that damage to keep you safe, those scuff marks do take a toll …

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Construction Injuries within 18 specific Trades,.. (what are the odds?)

man injured

While advances in modern equipment and building techniques have made construction projects much safer than those of yesteryear, there are still a number of risks involved. Regardless of the specific occupation they’re in, construction workers put themselves at risk every day to provide us with the comfort, safety, and luxuries we’ve come accustomed to. Injuries are very common in the …

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Top 10 Most Popular Work Boot Brands (and their trend)

work boots brands

Work boots have evolved a lot throughout history. They’re a very specific type of footwear that’s done a lot to shape the world around us. Just to put it into perspective: every home you’ve lived in and every building that lines your city’s skyline was made by a dedicated construction worker wearing boots to stay safe. Needless to say, work …

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7 of the Best Welding Work Boots

man welding

While most welders know to invest in high-quality masks and gloves, one commonly overlooked piece of gear is a pair of protective work boots. Whether you’re a professional welder or a weekend enthusiast, it’s important to find work boots that are specifically designed to prevent injuries caused by the hazards of the job. Quick Overview – ankle height models The …

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The Various Types of Work Boots, Which one Suits your Job?

types of work boot soles

Regardless of the industry you work in, having the right pair of work boots is essential. High-quality work boots keep you safe in a number of different ways, most of which go unrealized until an accident happens. While most industries require a common supply of safety gear, work boots are unique in the fact that the most subtle difference can …

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Top 5 Best Insulated Work Boots (winter, snow and cold conditions)

Worker working in cold and snow

While most guys know to bundle up when they head off to work in the winter months, it’s not uncommon to see a lack of adequate protection on the feet. Whether you work outdoors in the snow or in the confines of a closed and refrigerated space, you need to keep your feet protected from the cold. Cold weather isn’t …

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7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Safety Boots

workers walking on construction site wearing safety footwear

Whether you spend your workday outdoors hauling supplies to a construction work site or handling the intricate details of electrical wiring, one of the most important things you can bring with you is a quality pair of work boots. It’s not uncommon to year upper management touting the importance of proper footwear. That message is constantly repeated for good reason. …

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