hair clippers for home use

The Top 5 Best Hair Clippers for Home use, Barbers Quality

By: Matt
hair clippers for home use

When it comes to getting a hair cut, most guys go to a barber they can rely on. They have the tools and skill to clean up that mop of hair and transform it into something that will turn heads.

That being said, cutting hair isn’t rocket science. Many guys choose to save money and cut their own hair. While it may seem daunting at first, all it takes is some great hair clippers.

Skilled barbers use high end hair clippers to do all of the heavy work. Clippers can be used to cut off large amounts of hair and create a certain style. With different blades, attachments, and techniques, hair clippers can create a unique style that is all your own.

Hair clippers aren’t just for barbers anymore. There are numerous different clippers out there. When you are looking for that perfect hair clipper, there are a few things to consider which  will be addressed below our top 5.

Top 5 Best Hair Clippers

1. Andis Master Hair Clipper 01557

Andis Master Hair Clipper

These clippers are built with professionals in mind. It has a solid build that is capable of running continuously. It uses a magnetic motor to move the blades. Unlike cheaper models, the Andis Master Hair Clippers have an adjustable screw to minimize noise.

Most magnetic motor hair clippers are incredibly loud. However, you can easily adjust the screw to ensure that you don’t bother anyone else in the house anytime you give yourself a haircut.

The body of this clipper is solid and durable. The housing is made from shiny aluminum. Not only is it strong, but it looks great too.

The metal housing is very retro. It is designed ergonomically, making it easy to use for prolonged periods of time.The blade of these clippers is made from carbon-steel. They can be adjusted to cut through fine hair or coarse hair.

Overall, this is a great clipper for anyone to use. Many professionals use these clippers for fades and outlining. It is strong, quiet, and easy to maintain. All it takes is a quick oiling between uses. It is at the higher end of the price spectrum, costing around $100. That being said, it is a smart investment, as these clippers are something that can be used for a lifetime with proper care.

2. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

The Oster Classic 76 is a clipper for guys who want to have professional equipment. It is a beast in terms of power and design. This clipper houses a powerful motor in its durable body. The motor is single speed, making it easy to use, yet strong enough to cut through even the thickest hairs without a snag.

The body is solid and easy on the hands.Furthermore, the body is break resistant. This ensures that the inner and outer components will stay safe if you drop it. These clippers use Cryogen-X blades. These are extra tough and stay sharp. There are two separate blades included in the box, size 000 and 1. They can be changed and adjusted quickly after taking the time to get used to the clipper.

Also included is a blade guard to keep it safe when not in use. There are no comb attachments included, so you’ll have to buy them separately. The Oster Classic 76 clipper is the Cadillac of hair clippers. It runs smoothly and reliably. While it is designed for professionals, they are a popular choice among guys who want the best hair clipper money can buy.

For this clipper, you’ll have to shell out around $120. However, once you buy this clipper, you’ll be using for many years to come.

3. Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Premium Clipper

Wahl has been making professional barber tools for almost 100 years and have become a popular choice among barbers everywhere. The Wahl Professional 8500 Senior is no exception. It is a quality choice for men who want to get a quality clipper without spending too much money.

The body of these clippers is solid, yet subdued. It’s not as flashy as other models, but it is still durable and effective. It uses a powerful magnetic motor to move the blade while still keeping the unit cool with normal use.

It is also relatively quiet compared to other clippers. It uses strong blades that can easily be adjusted and aligned.

Included in the box is three blade guard attachments to cut hair from 1/16 of an inch up to 3/16 of an inch. This clipper is made for shorter hair, excelling in fades and outlines.

One unique feature about this clipper is the lever on the side. This lever adds a bit of versatility to your styling. You can adjust the taper of the blade to create a different effect. You can also adjust it based on the texture of the hair.

At around $60, this is definitely a great first option for those beginning to delve into the world of hair clippers.

4. Andis Professional Cermanic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade

These clippers are a unique option from Andis. They feature a high powered rotary motor for smooth cutting. The motor is extremely quiet, avoiding that ear-aching hum that most clippers have.

Furthermore, this model can be used corded or cordless. This allows you to use the clippers when you travel. The motor is housed in a sleek, modern, and durable body made from high quality plastic.

One unique thing about these clippers is the use of ceramic blades. The Ceramic Edge blades are just as tough as steel blades, However, they do not transfer heat, thus staying cool regardless of how long you use them.

The blades are sharp and can easily slice through thick hair. Another unique feature is this clipper’s lack of blade guards or combs. Instead, the blade can be switched out to accommodate different lengths.

Overall, this clipper is a great choice for the modern man. It is unique, rugged, and incredibly effective. Its use of ceramic blades make it 10% lighter than the average clipper, allowing you to feel more comfortable when using it.

At around $110, it certainly isn’t cheap. However, you get what you pay for. If you pay for this clipper, you’ll certainly not regret it.

5. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper CL-76023510

Guys who want to get a trusted brand like OSTER without breaking the bank can get this model. It has the high quality standards that OSTER is known for.

This model is designed for home use, so you won’t get the same power as its professional counterpart. That being said, this clipper has a number of unique features that sets it apart.

One great thing about this clipper is the adjustable steel blade. It can be adjusted from 000 to 1 with a simple flip of a lever. There’s no need to stop clipping and take time to adjust the blade. It is fast and simple, allowing you to get through a trim in no time. In addition to the lever, OSTER includes 4 guards in the box as well.

The clipper uses a powerful pivot motor. The pivot motor is twice as powerful as the average magnetic motor. It is also very quiet, allowing you to use the clipper for prolonged periods of time without ear fatigue. The motor is housed in an ergonomic body. The body is also textured, improving your grip to avoid any drops.

To get the OSTER Fast Feed Clipper, you’ll only have to spend around $60. While it is on the lower end of the price spectrum, you are getting a brand that is trusted by barbers all over the world.

A Completely Cordless Hair Trimmer Kit

Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

Go cordless with this versatile kit from Remington. It utilizes a powerful lithium-ion battery and an electromagnetic motor that’s capable of providing you with 60 minutes of cutting time on a single charge.

The included charging cord can fill the battery in just 4 hours. If you’re running low on power, the clippers can be used while the unit is connected and charging.

A large vacuum bin is built right onto the clippers. It uses a powered fan to suck up hair as you cut. The clear bin is easy to remove for emptying when it’s full. The included blades are coated in titanium for extra strength and durability. They can cut through even the coarsest hair to provide you with a smooth cut.

The kit comes with 9 combs that can be used to cut lengths as short as 1.5 millimeters or as long as 25 millimeters. Remington has also added two hair clips and cutting shears. The included brush can get rid of stubborn clippings while the oil will keep your blades and the motor running smoothly.

The Best Electric Clipper Motor For You Depends On Your Hair Type

Clippers can utilize a few different types of motors. While most guys don’t give the motor a second thought, it can have a dramatic effect on the hair-cutting experience. They use different mechanical principles to move the blades and provide you with the power you need to get the job done.

To choose the right motor for your needs, there are a few things you need to consider. One of the biggest is the type of hair you have. Coarse hair tends to be more difficult to cut when compared to fine hair. Texture and length also play a big role in how clippers will perform.

Additionally, you should consider the types of hairstyles you like and how you accomplish them. Take the last time you cut your hair as an example. Think about how long it took and whether or not you switched out blades. These factors can be used to determine which type of motor is right for you.

Pivot Motors

These types of motors are one of the most popular because of their power and versatility. You can easily find pivot motors on commercial clippers and those used by professionals. They operate by moving the blades in both directions. This is done using two electromagnets rather than a traditional spring. The electromagnets cause the blade to pivot at a rapid pace, hence the name.

As a result of the pivoting action, you’re getting double the cutting speed. Hair will be chopped regardless of the direction the blade is moving. Despite the increased power, pivot motor blades tend to run on the slower side. The design favors higher power and more cutting ability over speed. They’re the ideal clippers for black hair that’s thick. These motors can also handle wet hair with ease.

Pivot motors are incredibly versatile and easy to use. The lower speed makes them accessible to newer users and the high cutting power provides more control to expert barbers. The main downside is that they can’t be used for prolonged periods of time. The motion of the blades causes the clippers to get hot relatively quickly.

Magnetic Motors

As the name implies, these motors utilize the power of magnets to move the blade. They also take advantage of a spring. Basically, the magnetics are powered to attract the blade in a specific direction. The spring is there to retract it to its original position. Unlike pivot clippers, magnetic variants can only cut in one direction.

However, magnetic motors have the advantage of speed. They’re incredibly fast and can have over 7,000 blade strokes per minute depending on manufacturer settings. This blazing speed is great for cutting a lot of hair.

Another great advantage is that the motor runs cooler and with less noise. It may not be as powerful as a pivot motor, but it can be used for a much longer period of time. If you’re someone that has a lot of hair and likes to take his time getting it just right, this may be the option for you. In terms of maintenance, magnetic motors are easy to take care of. They don’t require constant oiling and can last for years without any problems.

Rotary Motors

Rotary motors are powerhouses that can tackle a variety of different types of hair. They’re often used in professional grade hair clipper models because they have a healthy balance between cutting power and speed. Most models are relatively light, easy to work with, and cut hair smoothly regardless of its texture and length. The versatility they provide is unmatched. They can also be paired with detachable blades to broaden your hair cutting methods.

These motors spin to move the blades quickly. The internal mechanisms inside do require regular maintenance to stay in good condition. However, with proper care, these types of clippers can serve you well for many years.

They’re often made for professionals, so they have a build quality that goes beyond that of a magnetic or pivot motor. One of the biggest trade-offs is the price. They come with a significant price tag. Maintenance costs can also add up over time. With that being said, if you cut hair on a daily basis, the perks of a rotary motor will be well worth the investment.

Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a crucial part of owning a pair of high-quality hair clippers. Electric hair clippers are usually built well regardless of the type of motor they use. They can last for years if you put in the time to provide proper care. It’s not uncommon to see a seasoned professional barber using clippers from decades past.

Maintaining clippers is all about keeping them clean, lubricated, and free of loose hairs.

While you don’t have to perform a thorough maintenance operation after every use, there are a number of things you can do to prolong the life of your investment. They’ll help to cut down on friction and make sure that your clippers are capable of slicing through hair without any problems.

Remove Excess Hair

The first thing you need to do is brush off any loose hair. This should be done after every use to ensure that the motor doesn’t get clogged. Not only that, but surface rust can actually form on the blades. Iron in the water can latch onto hair, which is then transferred to the metal. Most clippers come with a simple bristle brush. Simply wipe along the teeth of the blades and anywhere else that you see stray hairs.


Whether you’re a new hair cutter or a master barber, it’s important to know how to properly oil your blades. It’s not as simple as plopping down some oil and calling it a day. Using the wrong technique can have an adverse effect on your clippers. Oiling should be done before use to ensure optimal performance. To complete the task effectively, you need to apply oil at five specific spots.

Here is a video from Wahl showing you how to oil the blades of a hair clipper.

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  • Apply a small drop of oil on either side of the blade. Then, apply one in the center and turn the clippers on. Leave the clippers on and turn the unit over. You should apply some oil where the bottom stationary blade meets the moving blade.


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  • One drop of oil on the left and right side should do the trick. While the clippers are running, move them around to evenly distribute the oil. Once that’s done, tilt it to one side so that excess oil drips off.


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  • Turn the clippers off and use a soft cloth to dab away any leftover oil. Pay close attention to the teeth of the blade. If pieces of your cloth get ripped off and stuck, it will damage the blade. It’s important that you apply oil sparingly and get rid of any excess. Too much oil will drip down into the motor of your clippers and cause a dip in performance.


Oiling can be done sporadically whenever you feel the need to do so. There are no standard rules of when you should do it. It’s best to use the provided oil on your clippers. If you run out, use a mineral oil that’s approved for food and skin applications.

Other Hair Clipper Considerations


While most don’t give it a second thought, not all hair clipper blades are the same. Much like power and motor, blades can differ depending on the uses of the clipper. For example, professional hair clippers used by barbers tend to have tougher blades. Most blades range from .2 – .13 mm thick.

clipper blades maintenance free

You should look for a pair of clippers that have maintenance free blades. Many have high-carbon steel blades that are designed to be self-sharpening.

Others are made from titanium or Zirconium Oxide for heat distribution and strength.


hair clipper attachments

Attachments are what make hair clippers so versatile. Guys who want control over their hairstyle should go with hair clippers that have numerous combs or guards.

Most clippers come with guard attachments ranging from 1/16 of an inch up to 1 or 2 inches. You can even get clippers that have an adjustable guide comb to ensure that you don’t lose any attachments.[divider]

Over to You

Guys who take care of their clippers will never have to buy one again. Clippers can last for years with proper maintenance. You should find clippers with maintenance demands that you can handle. Most modern clippers come with lubricant and brushes in the box, making maintenance a breeze.

Furthermore, you should go with clippers that are easy to use. Clippers can range in size, weight, and design.

You don’t want your arm to get sore trying to get the perfect cut, so find a clipper that works with your needs.

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