Bike (MTB) Riding for Weight Loss

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There’s no better activity that will get you fit and active than mountain biking. It’s a unique sport that provides riders with the thrill they seek and the exercise they need. If you’re on a journey to lose weight, mountain biking may be the solution you’re looking for. It’s unlike any other exercise regime. Rather than spend hours at the …

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How to Ride with Clipless Pedals ..

clipless pedals on shoe soles

Clipless pedal systems became prominent in 1984 and have since become a preferred standard by experienced bikers around the world. Despite its name, these pedals clip onto cleats to attach you to the bike. This helps to provide you with more power and control as you ride. Whether you prefer to cycle on smooth roads or the winding paths of …

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7 Best Mountain Bike Helmets, Reviews and Advice

mountainbike helmet comfort

As children, you probably shrugged off your parents’ warnings about wearing a helmet while you rode off on your bicycle. However, your parents’ argument had good merit. It’s always a good idea to protect your noggin. If you’ve graduated to something a bit more thrilling, like mountain biking, it’s absolutely imperative. Mountain trails are filled with a slew of obstacles trying …

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Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

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There’s nothing more thrilling than off-road biking. Not only is it a fun sport that gives you the opportunity to be out in nature, but it provides your body with a number of health benefits. While it may seem like a dangerous sport, a few minor bumps and bruises are worth the numerous gains in muscle strength and heart health. …

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