Stylish Pick-Pocket Proof Clothing for Travel and Safety


Regardless of where you are in the world, pickpocketing is a real concern you should be wary of. While the crime is often synonymous with the cobblestone streets of old London, pickpocketing is still practiced today, with new techniques being developed and used against unsuspecting tourists and citizens. Pickpockets take the time to develop their skills, as the act involves …

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The 15 Best Minimalist Wallets

minimalist wallets

Gone are the days of bulky and obtrusive wallets. When it comes to men’s wallets, thin is in.In the past few years, wallet designers have begun to create incredibly streamlined wallets to hold the essentials.For most guys, there’s nothing more irritating than carrying a bulky wallet. * It sticks out like a sore thumb and can actually cause back problems when …

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Top 10 Best Non Slip Shoes for Restaurant Workers

restaurant workers

10 slip resistant shoes Whether you work at a fine dining establishment or a hip and trendy diner, chances are, you’re going to be on your feet for most of the work day. Restaurant environments are fast-paced, requiring everyone from cooks to servers to be quick at their feet at all times. Because of this, restaurant workers need to find …

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5 Stylish Sunglasses for People with Migraines or Photophobia

wearing light sensetivity glasses

If you’re one of the millions of people across the world that suffers from light sensitivity, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality pair of sunglasses. Photophobia, migraines, and a slew of other conditions can make menial tasks a challenge. Sufferers experience pain and sensitivity from a variety of light sources, including bright computer screens and even the sunshine …

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5 Different Types of Wallets and Their History Explained

various rypes of wallets

Wallets are one thing men can’t go without. They’re a home for our identification cards, cash, and any other essential we need handy. Available in different designs, sizes, and materials, there’s an option out there for every guy. Whether it’s a slim and sleek modern wallet or an old and faithful bi-fold, it’s one accessory that men inherently pick up …

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Best Walking Shoes and Sneakers for People with Diabetic Feet

best diabetic shoes

Walking is a beneficial activity that helps maintain weight and improve the cardiovascular system. It’s especially useful for controlling blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, a simple stroll through the park is easier said than done for those with diabetes. People that suffer from diabetes must take special precautions with their feet. A number of issues can arise from simply wearing an …

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Most Comfortable Work Boots (safety & soft toe) for Men

working man standing on stairs

For many working class guys, there’s nothing better than a quality pair of work boots. They make getting through a tough day on the job safer and more comfortable. Primarily made for dangerous work environments, these boots are designed to improve job performance by keeping feet and toes out of harm’s way. Numerous industries require the use of high-quality work …

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Best Shoes for Standing All Day (Comfortable and Supportive)

shoes for standing all day

Whether you’re working at a swanky restaurant or performing hard labor, the right shoes are key. If you’re one of the millions of guys that spend their day standing on their feet, a good pair of shoes will prevent you from experiencing a number of foot and back issues. In addition to taking the right safety precautions, specially designed shoes …

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How to Remove (repair) Scratches from Sunglasses

lens coating

When it comes to sunglasses, regular use comes with the inevitable wear and tear. Whether they’re a designer pair of shades or a modest pair you wear on the golf course, no pair of sunglasses are safe from scratches. It’s an unavoidable part of sunglass ownership. Scratches will instantly ruin a pair of shades. They can block your vision when …

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Top 10 Most Popular Mens Wallet Brands (and their trend)

hugo boss

Wallets are the quintessential accessory for any guy. Regardless of their personal style or status, every man needs a quality wallet. Not only are they a practical way of carrying the essentials, but they represent a man’s personality and style. Quality wallets are known for their durability and convenience. They’ll easily fit into the back pocket without adding unnecessary bulk. …

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