Flat or Clipless: 9 of the Best Mountain Bike Pedals

mountain bike pedals

Mountain bike enthusiasts often trick out their bike to get the best ride possible. This includes everything from a superb frame to high-quality gears. One of the most overlooked pieces of gear is the pedals. They’re an integral part of the bike that can be fully customized just the same. Regardless of the type of bike you’re on, great pedals …

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Calorie Burn on a Stationary Bike vs Outdoor Cycling

Stationary bike vs outdoor cycling

One of the most effective ways to burn calories and get fit is by cycling. The activity increases your heart rate while improving your circulatory system. With that being said, do you burn more calories cycling indoors on a stationary bike or outside on a trail? Cycling enthusiasts often fall into one of these two categories. Dedicated spinning classes make …

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Top 5 Best Dual Platform Mountain Bike Pedals


Most bike enthusiasts choose their pedals based on their specific riding style and preference. Clipless pedals are typically used by mountain bikers looking for the best in control and power. On the other hand, standard platforms are great for normal street biking and a relaxed riding style. Sure, you can choose just one, but what if you want something a …

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Essential & Important Mountain Bike Gear for Beginners

essential mountain bike gear

Even if you’ve put a lot of time and consideration into choosing the best mountain bike money can buy, you’re not ready to hit the trails just yet. Sure, you could brave the winding trails with nothing but your bike and a sense of adventure, but what happens when things don’t go according to plan? To stay safe, prepared, and …

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Best Mountain Bikes Under $500, (7 top models)

Showing a mountain bike under 500 dollar

To a dedicated mountain biking enthusiast, spending a fortune on a high-quality bike is well worth the investment. But if you’re just getting started or working on a tight budget, spending a thousand dollars on a bike isn’t always feasible. Luckily, there are some great options to get you started. The best mountain bikes under $500 let you hit the …

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Best Hybrid Bikes,.. 7 Top Models (under $500)

hybrid bikes on grass

If biking is your sport of choice, a variety of options is available. While you can surely choose a designated bike for the trails and a separate choice for the streets, a hybrid bike is a great option that lets you save money and space. Hybrid bikes have pretty much revolutionized modern biking. They are a versatile option that incorporates …

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5 Best Portable Mini Bike Pumps (for mtb/road bikes)

best rated mini bike pump

A portable mini bike pump is a must-have accessory that you should take with you on every trek. Whether you throw it in a backpack or attach it to your mountain bike frame directly, it’s good to have it on hand in case of an emergency. When you’re on a challenging mountain or road trail in the middle of nowhere, …

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How to Build your own Mountain Bike on a Budget

build a mountain bike

Contrary to popular belief, a high-quality mountain bike doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of options for those that are just getting started or don’t want to break the bank getting the bike they need. While big name brands are popular for a reason, bikers can get a similar, if not better, riding experience …

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Top 7 Best (indoor) Bike Trainers Available Today

best indoor bike trainer

Training on a bicycle is the best way to improve speed and endurance while staying in shape. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get outside and hit the road. If that’s the case, there are other ways to get your cycling fix. While fixed exercise bikes are available at most gyms, they’re not designed to provide a faithful biking experience. …

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