Different Types of Mountain Bikes and Disciplines Explained

downhill riding mountainbike

Many novice bikers have a one-track mind about what mountain biking entails. While all mountain bikes are designed to withstand the rigorous off-road terrain and constant wear and tear, there are actually numerous types of bikes made for different disciplines. Where and how you ride your bike can make all the difference. Whether you’re new to the sport or a …

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Mountain Bike Sizing: What Frame to Choose (interactive chart)


While most don’t realize it, mountain bikes come in a variety of different sizes. Even the most subtle change in size can have an effect on the way you ride. When you’re blazing through winding trails, it’s important that your bike fits you like a glove. Even the most seasoned riders may find that small changes can dramatically improve comfort …

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7 Best Mountain Bike Helmets, Reviews and Advice

mountainbike helmet comfort

As children, you probably shrugged off your parents’ warnings about wearing a helmet while you rode off on your bicycle. However, your parents’ argument had good merit.┬áIt’s always a good idea to protect your noggin. If you’ve graduated to something a bit more thrilling, like mountain biking, it’s absolutely imperative. Mountain trails are filled with a slew of obstacles trying …

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Bike (MTB) Riding for Weight Loss

healthy life road exit

There’s no better activity that will get you fit and active than mountain biking. It’s a unique sport that provides riders with the thrill they seek and the exercise they need. If you’re on a journey to lose weight, mountain biking may be the solution you’re looking for. It’s unlike any other exercise regime. Rather than spend hours at the …

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Best Mountain Bike Backpacks (with Hydration Bladder)


Top of the line MTB gear Mountain biking is a thrilling activity that pushes your body to the limit. Hours are spent exploring the off-road terrain and experiencing nature at its finest. With so much time spent away from the safety of home, it’s important to have the right tools and accessories at your disposal. One of the most beneficial …

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7 Best Saddles (seats) for a Road or Mountain Bike

Selle SMP Extra Saddle

Whether you’re speeding through city streets or roughing it out on a harsh mountain trail, there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable saddle. Saddles are one of the most important components of any road or mountain bike. They’re the main contact point between you and the bike, so it’s important to invest in a comfortable option. While most bikes come with …

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Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

health benefit

There’s nothing more thrilling than off-road biking. Not only is it a fun sport that gives you the opportunity to be out in nature, but it provides your body with a number of health benefits. While it may seem like a dangerous sport, a few minor bumps and bruises are worth the numerous gains in muscle strength and heart health. …

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Top 9 Best Mountain Bike Shoes (for flat & clipless pedals)

Best mountain bike shoes

While most mountain bike enthusiasts pay close attention to their arms and body as they race down a trail, the feet are doing most of the work. They’re are used continuously throughout a ride, regardless of how challenging the trail. Your feet help to build up power and speed, carve through tight turns, and give you control of the ride. …

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5 Solutions for Slippery Mountain Bike Pedals…

solutions for slippery bike pedals

Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or racing down a winding mountain trail, having slippery pedals on your bike can be a huge pain. Not only is it annoying, but the lack of grip onto the pedals can prove to be dangerous. You need to have complete control of the pedals to manipulate your speed and body weight during …

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Flat or Clipless: 9 of the Best Mountain Bike Pedals

mountain bike pedals

Mountain bike enthusiasts often trick out their bike to get the best ride possible. This includes everything from a superb frame to high-quality gears. One of the most overlooked pieces of gear is the pedals. They’re an integral part of the bike that can be fully customized just the same. Regardless of the type of bike you’re on, great pedals …

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